Getting around

The next few days were spent with getting around and introducing to the Dutch way of life. Firstly, I went on a Friesland Free walking tour led By Hank. We met at the Oldehove- the leaning tower.  Hank was standing there with a bag “Free walking tour”. Once I spotted him, I came by and introduced myself. Later, people started gathering and since most were Dutch but being the only English speaker, they were kind to conduct the tour in English.

Hank told us many interesting tidbits and facts about Friesland. Leeuwarden is the capital city of Friesland. Notably, a historical part, was the home of Mata Harri . We also discovered a beautiful garden next to her house, the Ceramics museum and many more interesting attractions. By the end of the tour, we each contributed some amount for Hank.

Leeuwarden town center is a charming place. As in Amsterdam, full of canals, boats and small coffee shops at every corner. Bicycle routes and buses drove along the river, beautiful nature all around.


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