Student life

Student life during the exchange is varied and intense. It starts with university stress and assignment and ends with parties and travels. Many exchange students travel around Netherlands and some even travel to neighboring countries: Belgium, Germany, France to name a few.

Exchange is a time of self-discovery, traveling and exploration. It’s a challenge to be away and living independently from the family so you form friendships which are like a family. Social life is beneficial for both mind and body.

Parties are a fantastic way to unwind and melt the stress on the dance floor. Some even use it to meet other people. Sports is also a popular after university activity. There are many different types of sorts to choose from: cross-fit, HIIT, Zumba, running, weight lifting, pole dancing and so on. Sports keeps your mind and body sharp and focused. This is especially beneficial, a balancing act of sorts.

The famous saying that student life is the best time of you life is too ambiguous and presumptuous. Students need to juggle a lot between university, social life and work. They also need to find time to relax and study.

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