Amsterdam, Venice of the North!

Finally, after two months in Netherlands, I had the opportunity to travel to Amsterdam. Netherlands is interconnected by trains, so reaching the destination only took three hours.

Amsterdam was built as a fishing village. The Netherlands works on three principles: good for buisiness, discrete and does no harm. Amsterdam has 165 canals.

Amsterdam is magnificent, crowded, touristic and impressive. Amsterdam is considered the most crowded city in Europe. When exiting the train station you’re bombarded with people, noise, cars and plenty of cyclists.

The first thing to do is visit the famous Dam Square where we took a walking tour. A walking tour is the perfect way to be introduced to the city attractions. A walk gives you time to appreciate Amsterdam’s canals, bridges, specialty stores and many more.

Later on a walk to Vondel Park is a must. This park is beautiful, full of lakes with ducks and other birds. You can sit on the grass or admire the flowers. The peaceful and serenity in the park is the best escape from the buzzing Amsterdam.

Belgian Fries are a must food to try. Though they look like regular fries, they come with a mayonaaise sauce, which is delicious. You can also try spanish chorros.

Amsterdam is a city infused in culture. There are a lot of museums to visit: science musem, Madam Tusso, Ripley’s belive it or not and many more.




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