TRying new things

ESN Leather workshop

Part of the exchange life is partaking in new activities. There’s something about crafts that is absolutely mesmerizing: the way your creativity streak is heightened, you are in the flow, only concentrated on the creation itself, all other worries are left behind.

A leather workshop presented itself through a facebook event. Curious, I enrolled and what a trip that was!

We met at the NHL bus station and led to a shed. There were benches, tables ,marble titles, hammers lying around and much more. The sight of it made me excited and ready to create. We were offered refreshments and then it was time to get to work!

There were ten of us, instructions were quite simple. First choose the leather you want, then wet it with a sponge, choose a stamp design and size and then bang it with a hammer. Next, came the crafts and design, you could choose to color, highlight and put varnish on it. Last step was attach the ring or other details to complete it.

Lost in creation, I made six hand-made crafts: four key chains and two earphone holders. The satisfaction from it is life-affirming.


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