Supermarkets in Leeuwarden

One of my favorite supermarkets in Leeuwarden is local Dutch Albert Heijn. Albert Heijn is located close to the Ubbo Emmiuslaan student residence. The supermarket is not cheap but offers a wide variety of products.

In the entrance you can pick up your cart and even grab free coffee/tea and juice from the coffee machine. The supermarkets first aisle is the fruit and vegetable. Everything is ordered and you can spend hours there walking and shopping leisurely.

Recently, Albert Heijn even offered free WiFi in the supermarket. There is an ATM inside the store in case you need cash urgently. There is the PINKASSA where you pay with debit card and the rest where you can choose cash or debit card. There is also a machine that scans the product and gives you the price. Mostly, even without knowing Dutch you can get your shopping done in peace.

A funny stand-up about Albert Heijn:

Albert Heijn funny

Aldi is another supermarket close by to the student residence on Ubbo Emmiuslaan. Aldi has many discounts and is fairly cheap store. There’s a produce aisle where you could by good quality fruits and vegetables. Nice dairy aisle with both Dutch and other European dairy selection. At the entrance, Aldi has a display of discounted items, Asian and otherwise. It’s a good shop for basic groceries.

Jumbo is a German chain of Supermarkets in Netherlands. Jumbo is medium-priced store located about 20 minutes walking from the student residence. Jumbo offers a selection of cheese, delicacies, groceries and so on.

Lastly is Lidl  discounted supermarket. Lidl is within 45 minutes walking located in a big shopping center Cambuurplein along with other shops: Action and Aldi. Lidl in Leeuwarden has fresh pastries, nice and long dairy aisle, clothes on sale and many more. Lidl has many discounts and can be an affordable solution for your grocery shopping needs.




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