Study trip to Naples 06.12-10.12.16

There are many fascinating and life-affirming experiences during a student  exchange. One of them was during my Global Citizenship  course at NHL. During that course I had the opportunity to go for a four day study trip to Naples, Italy.

I decide this was a worthwhile experience to have even though I have been to Naples before. The plan was to drive by car to Amsterdam and take a direct flight to Naples.

At 6 am , four international students were standing in front of NHL and freezing. It was so cold that morning and we waited for our ride to show up. Finally, after ten minutes we saw the ride. Our lecturer took us to the Airport where we met with Dutch students. Together, we nearly missed the flight but a quick sprint and we were on it.

I was so excited to leave Netherlands for sunny and warm Naples! Naples greeted us with warm sun and the bus trip to the hostel took us from south Naples up to the north. The sights changed from rich up kept neighborhoods to poor and neglected. Our hostel was near Porto and the Castello Nuovo. Hostel of the Sun was a peculiar place.

It all began with a sign indicating that only  3 people are  allowed in the elevator. Then there’s a sign that says to get to the reception follow the signs. Going to the 9th floor then cross to another building and go two flight down. Then you arrive. It was both hilarious and an adventurous way to start the day.  We had to rush to our next destination, since we had half an hour to rest. Next we walked out of the hostel. Naples is dangerous for pedestrians and I feared that i will not survive the trip. Crossing the streets was so frightening as in Naples no traffic rules apply. We took the funicular to Montesanto. Then we walked to the oldest university in Europe to allow women to study higher education. Walking through the halls of the university was like being transported in time. Medieval tunnels and lots of stony staircases leading to the beautiful view of Mount Vesuvius and Naples. Later that night we had delicious Italian pizza and went back to the hostel.

Morning started with a lecture and a practical assignment to invent an event to familiarize people with Chipstar brand. We were divided into teams and began brainstorming and afterwards we presented our ideas in front of Chipstar Marketing director. Then was an interview at an Italian radio and a ride to one of the poorest neighborhoods of Naples.

There were too many adventures during that four days in Italy. If you can take that trip, don’t hesitate, it is worth it.


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