Last four day before exchange ends

On the 27th of January I had to move out of my apartment in Leeuwarden. This was the last day of the semester and I was both excited and nervous to leave. The night before, my friends and I went for our last cheese krokett in Leeuwarden. It was a great fun time and I came back to finish packing my suitcase and prepare to leave the next day.

Upon arriving to Amsterdam, after a 3 hour trip I found the hostel I booked for my last four days in Netherlands. The hostel was part of the A &O chain of hostel all over Europe. It was nice, comfy, free towels, WiFi and a guest kitchen. It was located 20 minutes away from Amsterdam Central by metro. Nearby was Lidl and IKEA shops.

My first day was spent resting from the trip. The second day I ventured out in search of Lidl and read some and the third day I went to a cat cafe in Amsterdam. Amsterdam Cat cafe¨- Kattencafe in Dutch was located on Marco Polostraat 213. One had to make an appointment before visiting the cafe. It was such a cozy ‘hezelah’ in Dutch place. There were six cats and most were sleeping. Just being around cats created a sense of comfort and relaxation. Once the cats woke up, they started chasing each other around and visitors could play with them and pet them. There is an entrance fee of 3 euros not including drinks or food. I spent a fantastic afternoon and then went roaming in Amsterdam. The fourth and last day was spent roaming Amsterdam by foot, getting lost and finding Vondel Park.

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